Saturday, July 10, 2004

it has been a GREAT week for me!!

this week was a great week for me..

It was a great start for a new week..Late in the afternnon all 1st year students had our PE..We had a lot of fun..kaya lang may physical test kami as in racing..talo ako pero at least may grade diba..but the worst part i had a hard time breathing after that..pero ruth took care of me kaya naging ok din ako..

Computer class namin today kaya for sure masaya nanaman..We had our discussion it was all good..Orur filipino teacher gave us a very interesting activity for the next day which was gift giving..

Exciting..Today is the day para ibigay mga gift namin for each other kaya lang nag-cry ako kasi i was very touched for my friend's effort and yung mga inakala ko na di magbibigay ng letter they gave me one kahit simple note lang..It was a great day for me..I saw ate alex in school with ABU of course her only love..haha..bka patayin ako ni ate alex..HHHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!!!

It is our BEC today and our group facilitated it..I sang how did you know in class, it was our opening song..muntik na ako umiyak for a certain reason mga friendships ko alam yun..many things has changed since the gift giving..some was good but other experiences of mine were traumatic..hehe..in short it was really sad for me and even though the truth hurts, i still have to accept it..huhu..cry..

i have already recovered for what happened for the past few days.today is the last day of the school days this week..im pretty excited for the weekend..I had a little chat with my friends..pero sayang i wasn,t able to see carissa and louise joy..pero this week was great..even though may part na maskit talaga..

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

it has been a long time..

it has really been a long time since i checked my blog..it's because lagi may assignment and busy sa school..meron lang isang teacher i can't say na terror siya pero and init talaga ng dugo sa amin..a month ago it was just the start of the school year but time is really going fast 1 month na pala akong nasa highschool department..sobrang saya taaga pero mahirap din talaga..by the way the NSSC Elections last friday was really successful I think all the new batch of officers are all deserving but some of them i'm still in doubt of their capacity to serve the students of NS but I dont want to name names no..congrats sa lahat ng winners..maybe it will be a long time before i visit my blog again..so to all of you thanks for reading my blog..mwaaahhhhh!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

first few days in high school...

it is quite a while since i last posted something that's because i was just enjoying my first few days being a high school student..it's fun being in high school at the same time it's a bit hard..when i was browsing my books for this year i told myself "kaya ko kaya to?eh masyadong ccomplicated mga lessons?"then i thought that if i wil study really hard i will be a great student..i don't want to cram anymore during exams..ill not be lazy anymoore..next week we'll start regular clases already..ngayon we are just having fun habang di pa pahirapan..it's fun being in high school..but im still not that used to it..i was elected vice president in our class..haay naku big responsibility nanaman buti nga best friend ko naging president kasi mahirap maging president no..naku till here na lang..tc..

Friday, June 04, 2004

to all my GTF Classmates..

sorry if i can't be with you all today at our cast party..hope you will have fun..i also want to be with you guyz but i have no choice because im sick..i need to rest because i already have classes starting on monday (june 7)..i know you all understand..i hope we'll see each other again if we have time..i really miss you guys..im really really sorry..thanks kay ate ria, marce, and kuya joel because you texted me pa..thanks din kay ate alex, irene, carla and kc who are not my classmates in gtf but my friends..and ate alex is my cousin..ill see you all soon..miss you all..labshu..take care always..

Thursday, June 03, 2004

end of summer..

a few days from now school year 2004-2005 will start..im really excited to see all of my friends and classmates in school..but ill miss everything i did this summer..i will miss all the people i met and we all became friends..of course im talking about my friends at gtf..ill miss my theater workshop (ill do it again next summer..i think?!) and of course it's the end of the days i always sleep and wake up late..we will be busy again and almost can't watch tv because of tons of homework and projects..its time to study again everyday coz of exams and quizzes..i look forward to have a great school year at my first year at high school..i hope that at my first year in high school will be fun..i hope i will meet lots of new friends..i don't know what is in store for me at my high school days..wish me luck..to all my friends at school we'll see each other again very soon..to my classmates at gtf thanks a lot for being so nice to me..i had a great summer and i hope all of you also did..im really gonna miss all my friends..i hope to see all of you again next summer at gtf..i will really miss the times when almost everyday i hang out at ate alex's house and we ate a lot together with ate katrina and ate cheska..syempre ill visit you every weekend sa house niyo..sana lang nandun kayo kasi syempre college na kayong tatlo kahit weekend may pasok na kayo diba..i hope you will have a great start this school year..i look forward to learn a lot of new things this school year..thanks to everyone at gtf almost everyday magkakasama tayo..congrats pala to all of us because we all did great at our presentation last saturday..but of course it would not be possible kung wala sila kuya roeder and kuya nazer diba..so, thank you din sa inyo kasi you have been really nice to us..uy mamimiss ko yung rehearsals natin na ang laki ng kinikita ng McDonalds and KFC Kalaw dahil almost everyday kumakain tayo dun..minsan lang di ako nakakasama sa inyo kasi may sundo po ako..sana next summer we'll do it again..have a nice school year everyone..mwah.. ~ellise~ :D

Monday, May 31, 2004

miss you guyz..

it was just 2 days since i saw my friends at gtf and i really miss them already..hope tuloy pa yung ating cast party..thursday or friday..miss ko na talaga kayo..i enjoyed being with all of you..you treated me so good..good luck on your careers..love you guyz..just text or call me if you nedd me..it was a wonderful day because my friends at gtf called me..my friends from school was here kanina sa house we had fun..hope to see you all soon..

Sunday, May 30, 2004


holler!!!hey guyz our show last night was a big hit..thanks to everybody who watched it..i wanna say thanks to all my co-workshoppers i really had fun with you guyz..love ya all..ill really miss you..hope matuloy cast party natin..ate jocelle naiwan ko pink slippers ko sayo..thanks..ingat kayo lagi..it was a pleasure to meet all of you..mwah..